If no one performs well then the team will be changed, Babar Azam

National cricket team captain Babar Azam has said that if a good team is to be formed then the players have to be fed continuously.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Babar Azam said that West Indies series is very important, these are ODI championship matches, our effort will be to win these matches and score points.

In response to a question about Rizwan’s Test performance and Harris’ participation in the Test match, he said that it would be hasty to include Harris in the Test team.

He admitted that Mohammad Rizwan’s Test performance is not very good but his overall performance is better, he always cooperates with the team and me, performance is more or less but as a team your unity plays an important role. ۔

Babar Azam said that the decision to change the team will be taken after considering the situation.

Talking about Shaun Masood, he said that he plays on opening numbers. For him, playing on low numbers is tantamount to usability and injustice. He is in sight. Will

“We’ve rested for two months, our international cricket is starting again so I can’t say we need bench strength,” he said in response to a question about the rest of the team and the bench strength. To check

“We know what our bench strength is and we will give them a chance. Our senior players are playing county cricket but the championship matches are different and the pressure is different. Will go with them

Regarding being included in the list of number one players, Babar Azam said that it is the dream of every player to be number one but it is not the case that you can be number one in any one format and be easy, to be better in all three formats. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“My performance in white ball is going well, I will try to do well in the Test match,” he said.

In response to a question about the next captain, he said that everyone is the captain in terms of their role in the team, the final decision is mine but then my vice-captains Rizwan, Shaheen, Shadab do a better job.

In response to a question, he said that if you want to make a team, you have to take a chance, a good team is one that plays consistently, my goal is to feed good players, if no one will play well. And I think if someone doesn’t fit in the team then the team will be changed.

“I think if you want to build a good team, you have to constantly feed the player,” he said.

The captain of the national team said that we are playing modern style cricket, the way the team performed in the World Cup is in front of everyone, efforts are being made to improve the performance of the team in the upcoming matches.

Regarding county cricket, he said that the players benefit a lot from it, I have benefited a lot as a player myself, the cricketers who were playing county cricket have improved their performance.

Babar Azam said that the team does not seem to be able to overcome him as a captain but each person has his own way of speaking and acting.

He said that second league spinner Zain Mehmood has been included in the team. It is not as if Usman Qadir has been running. We had checked Zain Mehmood. He has also performed well.

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