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Hoarders to get three-year jail term in KP


PESHAWAR: The Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa passed the anti-hoarding bill on Tuesday to penalize those involved in hoarding, ARY News reported.

The bill stipulates that the whistle-blowers on the hoarders will get the reward, while the ones involved in the wicked practice will be penalized with a sentence of up to three years and fined for as much as half the amount of hoarded material.

The anti-hoarding law will now authorize the magistrate to seal the store of a hoarder without prior notice or warrant.

The whistle-blower of the hoarding practice will qualify for a 10 percent reward of total material monetary value.

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The bill was tabled in KP provincial assembly after a number of complaints were received amid COVID-19 led lockdown. People were troubled by the hoarders and paid drastically more than the actual cost of a number of items.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had proposed a similar ordinance back in April, that anyone found involved in hoarding, will have to face a three-year-imprisonment and fine of upto 50 percent value of the amount recovered.

It said that special magistrates would supervise the cases against hoarders and would be bound to decide on them within a month.

The ordinance’s postulated range in the province covered 32 commodities, it outlined.

It is pertinent to note that Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a meeting the previous month to review prices of basic commodities and hinted at action against hoarders in the country as 11 ships filled with over 600,000 metric tonnes of wheat would reach the country by the end of September

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According to sources, the prime minister chaired a meeting wherein he was briefed over the availability of the basic commodities and action against hoarders nationwide. It was attended by federal ministers, advisers, special assistants and chief secretaries of the four provinces,

The PM thus directed an indiscriminate action against hoarders and ordered strict measures for bringing down the prices of the basic commodities.

The prime minister directed all those concerned to provide maximum relief to the masses by bringing down the prices of the basic products.



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