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Heart-stopping footage shows cop saving suicidal man by saying ‘I Love You’


Bodycam footage of a cop in the US went viral which showed him saving an emotionally distressed man from committing suicide by saying ‘I Love You’ after managing to grab his leg to prevent him from jumping off the building’s edge.

The incident took place on October 14 when the police department received a call about a man standing on the edge of a parking garage. The cops including officer Eric Knuttel, a member of the Atlantic City Police Department’s Crisis Negotiation Team, rushed to the site at around 9 pm and noticed that the man was on FaceTime with someone.

They tried to calm him down by starting a conversation with the man and officer Eric Knuttel suddenly moved into the edge of the building after 10 minutes of chatting with the suicidal man to convince him to refrain from taking his own life.

footage viral video suicidal man i love you cop

Knuttel managed to grab the leg of the man to prevent him from jumping off and later other officers surrounded him and embraced him after pulling him away from the edge of the building.

One of the cops was heard saying, “I can’t because I love you, alright? I love you”. The man was taken to the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center for evaluation.

The police department posted on its Facebook about the incident, saying, “I am extremely proud of the bravery and compassion showed by Officer Knuttel and the other officers for this man who was in severe emotional distress. Their actions are indicative of the work routinely done by members of this police department.”



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