Have dinosaurs returned to earth? eerie video goes viral

Social media users were baffled after a video which makes it look like dinosaurs running across a beach went viral on social media. 

It makes it look like the dinosaurs, with sizes matching raccoons, with unusually long necks running after each other.

The video was shared on microblogging social media application Twitter. It has more than 11 million views. 

A user wrote that it took him a few seconds to figure out what it was while another claimed they were getting Jurassic Park vibes.

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The weird animals ran across the beach and made it look like dinosaurs returning from the dead and returned to reclaim the world.

However, it’s only at the last moment, when they slowed down, that it is clear that their unusually long necks stoop at 90 degrees and are parallel to the ground.

Here are how netizens reacted to the video.

It turned out it was a reverse video of running coatimundis, which belongs to the raccoon family. They have long, pointed muzzles with long, bushy and ringed tails, and brown to red-brown fur.


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