Google Shares Key Product Trends for the Holidays, Based on Google Search Volume

Want to know the key product trends that are set to gain significant traction this holiday season?

Google has today published its annual Holiday 100 list, which highlights product searches that are predicted to trend the most on Google in the US during the holiday season, based on rising search activity over recent months.

Google Shopping 100

As explained by Google:

This year’s Holiday 100 reflects the realities many of us are still living in. Home equipment like coffee makers and fitness gear continue to make the list. But we’re also seeing more items that suggest people are getting out more, like fragrances and beauty products.

Google Holiday 100 list

As you can see here, the listing is fairly basic, but it outlines the key info that you need, based on rising search interest, which could help you both find the best gifts for your family and friends, while also better aligning your own marketing approach.

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As Google notes perfumes and colognes are trending higher than in years past, while tech products will also be a popular inclusion beneath the Christmas tree.

Google Holiday 100 list

And unsurprisingly, gaming has also seen a big surge in interest as a result of the pandemic.

Google Holiday 100 list

The added social dynamics of gaming will also play a role in the coming metaverse shift, with younger users, in particular, now much more aligned to engaging with friends in virtual environments, like Roblox and Fortnite, and via avatars that represent them in these spaces.

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If you want a real vision of what a broader metaverse might be like, this is it, building on these applications with more utility and engagement options, and as younger consumers grow-up increasingly accustomed to connecting in this way, that’s likely where developers will build from, in order to tie into these behaviors, and enhance appeal to the next generation of consumers.

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It’s definitely worth taking a look at Google’s full Holiday 100 list, which, again, is a fairly basic overview, but may help you formulate a better idea of the key consumer trends, and inform your process.

You can check out the Google Holiday 100 list here.

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