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Girl electrocuted from charging smartphone during school homework


A teenage schoolgirl has been electrocuted from a charging smartphone as she listened to some stuff via headphones while performing her school homework.

According to details, the incident occurred in Thailand where a 16-year-old Thanyaluck Fai Phadasri was found dead on her bed.

Detailing the incident, a family member said that the parents went to look out for the victim for dinner in her room and discovered her lying next to her schoolbooks. They found the charred phone in the unconscious girl’s hand, with burn marks around her neck and on her arms.

Father of the victim, Thongchai Phadasri said that he performed CPR on his daughter before the paramedics declared her dead on the spot. “I am heartbroken. She loved school and went to her room to do homework every day as soon as she came home,” he said.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Ning Supavit said that the young schoolgirl suffered an electric shock that was so powerful, she could not survive.

“From the initial investigation at the scene, we identified the smartphone as being the cause of death,” he said adding that the girl was holding it while it was charging and also she had earphones in to listen to something.

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Police said that Thanyaluck’s smartphone was charred and no longer functioning, so they were unable to determine what she was browsing at the time.



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