Fortnite Season 7: New Weapons Vaulted From The Game

Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite has been a huge success so far, but some of the new weapons have been removed from the competitive game modes.

The new season saw the game go from a primal theme to the complete opposite theme as it now revolves around Aliens and Space.

However, when a new season comes around, fans do face some issues with the game; sometimes there are bugs, or weapons are either seen as too overpowered or not good enough, and therefore get nerfs or buffs.

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For those wanting to see all the new changes brought to the new season, you are in luck as we have revealed them all before.

Rail Gun and Recon Scanner Vaulted from Competitive Fortnite Game Modes

Two of the guns which came to the game in Season 7 are the Rail Gun and the Recon Scanner, however they have been deemed to be too powerful by a lot of the gaming community.

Developers Epic Games have now listened to this outroar of complaints from fans and have removed the weapons from the competitive game modes in Fortnite.

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It is good that they listened to fans but many will be hoping these weapons do return to the game soon with a nerf.

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Despite the enjoyment of the new season, these two weapons have not been the only thing that Fortnite have had to remove. They also removed Flying Saucers from competitive game modes as well.

There is a lot on the line in competitive game modes as it links to Esports and gamers can qualify through the Arena to be involved at world tournaments.

Therefore, these issues that the game is having are pretty bad and need to be rectified as soon as possible.

Hopefully, Fortnite has some plans up their sleeves as well to implement new space content into the game while fans wait for some of the weapons to come back.

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