Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration Event: Time, Date, Location and Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is here and gaming fans will be excited to see that an in-game event is arriving today!

The highly successful battle royale game has introduced fans to a new space/aliens theme which also features famous TV character Rick from adult animated show Rick and Morty.

Fans have enjoyed this new theme, especially since it is a huge difference to the primal one that we saw in Season 6 of the game.

The game has been a great addition to the battle royale world and to an extent shaped the gaming world as we know it today.

New in-game celebration event is on its way to Fortnite

Fortnite tweeted out a new celebration live event that will be coming on its way to the game with one of the sentences in the post saying “You’re Invited”.


We are used to live events in the game and they have been truly amazing spectacles to watch. The event will start today – June 22.

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The event will start at 9AM ET which is 2PM BST and is called ‘Cosmic Summer Celebration’.


The location of the map is on Believer Beach, so if you want to see what it entails make sure you get there at the time so you don’t miss out.

They also revealed that during this fun event, there will be new quests for players to complete and new rewards for them to win as well.

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What is also great about the event is that it lasts for quite some time, with Fortnite revealing that its duration is two weeks.

For now, we are not sure what the event will look like or entail, but if we have more information on it, we will provide you with all the updates here.

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