Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: New Weapons Leaked

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is on its way, and with a new season comes new weapons for the gaming community to enjoy.

It will be a very intriguing season as we are currently in a Primal Theme, but numerous leaks are suggesting there will be a huge switch as the next theme will involve Aliens.

If so, we would be expecting wholesale changes regarding weapons and this would be very exciting for fans of the Battle Royale mode.

With the new season fast approaching, there is already a fair bit of information regarding some of the changes expected.

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Vaulted Weapons

With a lot of the weapons in the game being primal and heavily linked to the theme, therefore, these weapons would be vaulted until a later date.

Some of these weapons would include the Bow and the Primal SMG. It was actually confirmed by @HYPEX that these type of weapons would be vaulted.

With such weapons disappearing, there are questions around some of the animals that came into the game during the primal theme and whether they will stay. There is no confirmed information on this yet and we will update you when possible.

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Three new animals have been leaked however, including a kangaroo, and this makes many believe that some animals will leave for these to come in.

Unvaulted Weapons

Everyone is a lot more in the dark around which weapons that are vaulted could return, but with an Alien theme, it is not believed that a lot will come back. Fans are wanting to see such weapons back in the game, and the Heavy Sniper was a huge fan favourite.

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We will update you when we find out more information.

New Weapons

With the suggested Alien Theme, the most likely weapon additions we will see are ones alongside this theme.

However not a lot of information has been revealed and it is one to keep a lookout for.

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