Flour price goes up in Punjab

LAHORE: Flour millers on Friday jacked up the price of flour in Punjab after the closure of the provision of wheat on the government’s quota.

The 20-kilogramme flour bag is being sold at Rs1300 in Punjab, said Chairman Pakistan Flour Mills Associations, Asim Raza.

The recent increase has been made due to the purchase of wheat from the open market, Raza said and added that the flour mills are not being provided with the government’s quota wheat.

Following the increase in flour price, the rate of roti may also go up in the province.

It is to be noted that the wheat support price was Rs1800 last year.

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The ousted Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government had fixed the price of 20 kg flour at Rs 1,100 by providing wheat to flour mills at Rs 1,950 which was purchased at Rs 1,800.

Now the price of wheat has gone up to Rs 2,200 and according to the same ratio, the price of 20 kg flour in the next release season becomes Rs 1,300.


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