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First weapon with area damage launched by Call of Duty


Sniper NA-45 is the first primary weapon of Call of Duty Mobile with area damage or explosive shot in the game which was earlier launched by PUBG Mobile that suppresses enemies at long range with its first shot.

The newly-launched gun will cause a small explosion in every other shot creates area damage while landing within range of the first shot after keeping firing back to back. The weapon has lower single-shot damage compared to other snipers besides having the capability to kill enemies with a headshot.

call of duty weapon area damage

Interestingly, the players can customise it as per their gaming style by using the gunsmith that will provide them with a lot of options.

Moreover, another weapon, Fennec, will be the first Mythic rarity weapon in Call of Duty which can be collected from a crate or lucky draw, however, it will cost players more than a legendary if they take recent trends into account.

The Fennec unlocks on tier 21 of the new Battle Pass while the base version is free to unlock for everybody, while the paid BP version unlocks at tier 50- Fennec Verdant, according to

call of duty weapon area damage

The firing speed of Fennec is 1098 RPM while both MSMC and QQ9 are releasing shots at 923 and 832 respectively. The gun alone will boast the Akimbo attachment which can be unlocked by upgrading the weapon for adding the feature.

Akimbo will come under ‘perks’ in gunsmith and will allow players to hold two Fennecs together and hip fire but ADS is not allowed with it. However, it will make Fennec the best run and gun weapon in Call of Duty.



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