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FIA moves against Karachi gang making ‘immoral videos’ for Indian website


KARACHI: The cybercrime unit of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) moved on Saturday against an alleged ring of immoral videos’ creators who manage an ‘Indian pornographic website’ from Pakistan, ARY News reported.

The cybercrime deterrence authority of FIA in its swift action on the identification of ARY News program Sar e Aam raided a house in Gulshan e Iqbal Town of Karachi’s East district and detained the group allegedly involved in running the immoral website.

Deputy Director of the anti-crime watchdog has claimed they have arrested prime suspect Fazal Qadir in the case and held the electronic devices, among other evidence, used in the alleged immoral activities. The case has been lodged after the raid and arrest, the authority confirmed.

From the devices detained in the raid, the authority confirmed it found immoral videos and data of girls and stated that it was used to be uploaded on an Indian-origin website for the fulfilment of compromised purposes in Pakistan.

The data and videos by girls, according to the FIA cybercrime wing, were issued over an app to connect them with the prospect ‘clients’ for immoral activities. The girls allegedly made their immoral videos and connect via live video calls to garner ‘diamonds’ (a sort of virtual currency) from the audience across the world.

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The monetary income of these girls was based on the number of diamonds they could garner from their clients via live video calls.

FIA said it could also seize the evidence suggesting some of the girls in the case were forced or blackmailed into doing this for the website.

The girls were approached via newspaper ads for jobs and once they were in the office, they were either convinces and enticed to engage in the activities or they were blackmailed and forced, FIA confirmed.

On the collection of 400,000 diamonds, girls were entitled to Rs7000, the cybercrime wing divulged.



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