Family Found Bags Filled With 1 Million Dollar On The Street Of Virginia


A family in the US state of Virginia is being praised for handing over to the police two bags full of about ً1 million dollars found on the street.

Emily Schintz told local TV channel WTVR that she was driving with her family on Saturday when her car passed over one of the bags, according to AFP.

Emily said the men thought there was rubbish in the bag, and when they saw another bag lying nearby, they put it in the car.

When he got home, he found 1 million wrapped in plastic in the two bags in his pickup truck.

However, instead of keeping such a large amount of cash, they handed it over to the local authorities.

Major Scott Mosser of the agency said it was unusual for the family to hand over such a large sum of money to the authorities.

“We are proud to represent our county with such honesty.”

Emily Schintz said her family did what they thought was right.

“That money was not ours anyway.”

Officials said they did not yet know how the money reached the road, but believed it was being taken to a bank for deposit.

According to officials, both bags of cash were sent to the post office, which will deliver them to their destination.


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