Facebook Bans Right-Wing Anti-Government Extremist Network ‘Boogaloo’

Facebook Bans Right-Wing Anti-Government Extremist Network 'Boogaloo'

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 01st July, 2020) Facebook banned a violent anti-government network from its platform, the social media giant said in a statement.

“Today we are designating a violent US-based anti-government network as a dangerous organization and banning it from our platform,” the release said on Tuesday.

“This network uses the term boogaloo but is distinct from the broader and loosely-affiliated boogaloo movement because it actively seeks to commit violence.”

Facebook recently removed boogaloo content deemed a threat to public safety and today’s designation means more content will be removed going forward, the release added.

The social media giant said the latest move is part of its commitment to ban people who proclaim a violent mission.

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