Experimental medicine cured all cancer patients

New York: In a study conducted in the United States, all patients who used experimental medicine to treat cancer were cured, which experts have called a miracle.

During a study conducted at a New York Cancer Center, 18 patients with rectal cancer were given an experimental drug called Dooster Elimab for 6 months only, which resulted in a surprisingly good recovery for all patients.

Speaking to the media, an expert from the Memorial Saloon Catering Center said that it had never happened before that all the cancer patients had been cured during the experiment. “I think this is the first time in the history of cancer,” he said.

It should be noted that before taking the drug used in the experiment, people with rectal cancer underwent chemotherapy, radiation and other surgeries, as a result of which they faced many physical ailments, but after recent research and experience, No type treatment required.

Talking to US media, oncologist Dr. Hana Sanov said that this is an immunotherapy drug used in the experiment. This type of medicine does this because of the patient’s immune system, rather than the cancer itself.

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