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ECAC to Get an Increment of up to 200%


Electronic Certification Accreditation Council (ECAC) employees to get a raise of up to 200% in their salaries after the approval of the government.

ECAC, earlier, proposed an increase of 100% in the salaries. However, to comply with the federal government’s instructions on minimum wage, it proposed an increment of up to 200%.

The total impact of this pay raise is expected to be around PKR 4.39 million per annum. The related budget for the employees of the department is expected to be PKR45 million for the financial year 2020-21.

The finance division has also approved this increment.

The total capacity of employment in ECAC is just 52 in the secretariat with fixed pay scales, allowances, and other perks.

Earlier, it seemed as ECAC was not a competitive department as positions as decided earlier remained open for a while and some even left saying that the salary package is not inline with the job description and role.

As of now, ECAC has only 8 personnel. This recent rise in the salary, however, could help the department fill the empty seats and work to their full capacity.

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