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Drama Serial “Dulhan” Trailers Are Out Now



Hum TV’s dramas remained successful this season too with a number of big hits. Hopes are now high from the upcoming dramas of Hum TV.

Hum TV has recently released the trailers of an upcoming serial Dulhan starring Sami Khan and Sumbal Iqbal in the lead roles.


IMG 20200914 170302Screenshot 20200914 165226Screenshot 20200914 165243


From the first glimpse the drama looks interesting. From the first two trailers we have uprooted that Sami Khan would fall in love with Sumbal Iqbal who’d be a complete stranger. Later on, something bad will happen between them and Sami Khan will take revenge from Sumbal.

Screenshot 20200914 164740


Screenshot 20200914 164751 Screenshot 20200914 164753


Screenshot 20200914 165216 Screenshot 20200914 165311

The drama looks enthralling but we pray that Dulhan will not turn out to be another drama based on love triangle, sister rivalry and saas bahu stuff. We hope it will have something different to offer.

Here we have the trailers of drama serial Dulhan:

Have you already seen the trailers? What do you anticipate from this drama? Do you guys think it’d be worth watching? Share your opinion with us through comments section!


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