• The firm hopes to release the beta version of its own metaverse platform, BNV World.
  • This platform will exhibit elaborate and sophisticated works of digital fashion.

The booming digital fashion space, which can be loosely defined as designers and programmers working to dress the virtual avatars that will come to populate the still-emerging metaverse, faces the challenge of balancing the needs of traditional fashionistas with those of early adopters of Web3 technologies.

The “permissionless” nature of some of the most popular metaverse platforms, such as Decentraland and The Sandbox, has helped them acquire significant popularity in Web3 communities. This means that digital assets, such as a virtual clothing, may freely flow into and out of these environments.

Vivid Experience For Users

However, these same platforms often include fairly basic 3D designs, which severely restricts their potential as fashion presentations. “The reality is, a lot of brands don’t really look at The Sandbox—or any voxelated environment—as being conducive to fashion,” Richard Hobbs, CEO of digital fashion platform BNV

Hobbs thinks that BNV, which not only creates digital fashion items but also acts as a conduit between conventional fashion firms and creative tools for the metaverse, might provide a solution to this problem. The firm hopes to release the beta version of its own metaverse platform, BNV World, within the next month. This platform will be dedicated to exhibiting elaborate and sophisticated works of digital fashion to users inside the metaverse.

BNV World has a platform-exclusive marketplace. For BNV items and a fashion show where visitors may display fashion outfits. That too from a variety of designers in photorealistic 3D. Event halls and digital fashion show runways will also be created in virtual reality. NFT holders will have “various degrees of accessibility and wearability” to the platform’s locked regions.

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