Destan Episode 26 With English, Urdu, Español Subtitles Full HD

In Destan episode 26, Kaya goes to Obar’s tent and starts shouting at him. Alpagu and Temur listened to what Kaya had to say. Kaya accuses Obar of breaking the deal and tells him that Barak’s crown is his. One of the guards in the palace locked Akiz in a room. May neutralized this soldier and saved Akiz. Kuzu and the soldiers entered Kam’s tent. Kolpan catches Kuzu and asks why she came.

Akiz agrees to work with May and sends his spy a message to Obar. Kaya says she knows Alpagu is still alive. Obar offers Kaya a new deal to get back his crown. Temur says he doesn’t trust Kaya, but Alpagu asks him to calm down. Kuzu thought Akkiz would come to the tent and ask his soldiers to hide. As Kaya and Obar try to make a deal, Akiz’s message arrives.

Akiz was waiting for Obar to come with his friends. Obar says he will use Kaya as a shield. May, hand in hand, went to talk to Obar. Gunseli claims Vera killed Ibek and sent him to prison. Vera says she is innocent and knows nothing about Ibek. Gunseli says she will tell Kaya the whole truth. Alpagu says Obar should not take the crown. May opens the chest and shows Obar Barak’s crown.

Batuga said he was the son of Alpagu and brought victory to Turkey. Obar returns to the Western Khanate to save his life. After the battle, Alpagu hugged his son and thanked God. Kam says that Batuga is healed and they will form a two headed wolf with Akiz. Alpagu returned to the palace that night. Everyone in the city was very happy that Khan was back. Alphagu speaks to the people who come to the palace courtyard

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Destan Episode 26 English Subtitles Full HD

Publishing date is 08-06-2022

Destan Episode 26 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Publishing date is 08-06-2022

Destan Capitulo 26 en Español HD

Publishing date is 08-06-2022

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