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In Destan Episode 2, A short time later, Balamir arrives and tells that all Dag tribesmen in the palace have been killed. Saltuk says that Batuga is Khan’s son and therefore should not be killed, but Danis objects to him. After listening to everyone, Alpagu calls the executioner to his room. Danis takes Batuga to Khan’s room.

Akkiz visits Colpan and tells her it’s time to take revenge. Meanwhile, Gok soldiers arrive. Akkiz leaves the tribe and sees a Muslim boy by a river. While Akkiz is talking to this boy, some soldiers come and say that they are looking for the two headed wolf. Akkiz then puts on her mask and attacks these soldiers.

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One of the surviving soldiers returns to the palace and tells Alpagu that the two headed wolf has attacked. Ece says it is not right for Balamir’s daughter to marry Batuga. Ece says that Batuga lost his mind years ago. Alpagu says that this marriage is only to protect the future of the state so Balamir will never be able to rebel. Some soldiers leave the palace early with the captives and gold to be gifted. Akkiz sees these soldiers and immediately makes an attack plan.

Akkiz says that the captives are free now and gives them the gold in the chest. Sirma looks at the fabrics they have seized and says that thanks to them, she can marry now. After a while, Alpagu and his soldiers arrive at the attack site. Temur sends the soldiers to look for the two headed wolf and tells his father that he must go to a safe place.

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At Kaya’s request, the soldiers set up a tent by the lake for Alpagu to rest. Akkiz watches the Gok soldiers from afar and waits for the right time to attack. Alpagu says he can only tell Batuga what’s on his mind and that he is important no matter what for him. Alpagu asks Batuga to speak once more and even begs him, but he still does not speak. Akkiz says that Alpagu is far away and that’s why she will start a fire.

Ece begins to pray to God and asks permission for this marriage. Akkiz silently enters the lake and tries to approach Alpagu’s tent. When Ece finished praying, Akkiz sent flaming arrows to the tents and burned them. While the soldiers are trying to put out the fire, Akkiz shoots Alpagu with arrows. Before Akkiz escapes from the camp, Batuga sees her from afar and recognizes her.

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