Decentral Games Received $1M From Decentraland DAO

Decentral Games Received $1M From Decentraland DAO

Decentral Games play and earn project, responsible for 60% of all activity in the Decentraland (MANA) Metaverse. One of its products now has the largest grant in Decentraland history supporting its ICE coin.

Decentral Games receives $1 million in MANA

The project received $1 million in $MANA from the Decentraland DAO to support their $ICE token as they prepare to launch their much-anticipated sit-and-go competition. 

A $1,000,000 ecosystem award in MANA tokens will be granted to support QuickSwap liquidity pool with its native token ICE. As a result, MANA awards will be issued as additional bonuses to all ICE/USDC pool liquidity providers on QuickSwap. The duration of this campaign is three months.

Decentral Games CMO Matthew Howells-Barby said,

The passing of this proposal shows the support we have from the Decentraland community and how important Decentral Games has become as a major contributor to daily active users. These incentives will enable us to create further stability to our ecosystem ahead of rolling out our new sit-and-go poker tournament mode that we believe will bring a whole new experience to our Decentraland venues and will help us to onboard thousands of new users to the nascent metaverse.

The plan will bring additional liquidity into the pool and help to correct the imbalance that is leading ICE holders to become MANA holders. This activity will also help ICE Poker simulator’s ongoing sit-and-go competition.

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