U.S DOJ Establishes Network of Attorneys For Crypto Crimes
  • Abra Bank will debut in 2023 as the first licensed US bank as per the platform.
  • Abra will also debut a new product called Abra Boost.

Abra, a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered out of California, has announced that it would establish two banks: Abra Bank and Abra International. Customers and companies in the United States will benefit from the former’s digital asset services, while the latter will be able to take advantage of its growth opportunities outside.

Abra Bank, the business just announced, will debut in 2023 as the first licensed US bank, paving the way for customers in the US to use cryptocurrencies and have access to worldwide fiat on and off ramps. By the end of 2022, Abra International should be available to provide users outside the United States access to the same features.

The firm stated:

“We believe that for Abra, this is a defining moment that brings us closer to our mission to make financial independence and well-being accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

Benefit of Both Worlds

The exchange has given its word that the new banks it is helping to form would operate lawfully and ethically. Customer privacy and data integrity will be prioritized throughout.

The platform further stated:

“Abra believes that the best way to become the default Web 3 wallet and crypto bank for everyone is by embracing a global regulatory framework that provides for transparency, oversight, security, and agency.”

As part of the rollout of the new financial services, Abra will also debut a new product called Abra Boost. As of the 3rd of October 2022, it will be available online for all eligible depositors to store and receive interest on their cryptocurrency holdings.

In the United States, the function will only be accessible to institutional and accredited investors. However, regular investors will be able to use it in other countries.

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