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Coronavirus Costs Global Tourism $460 Billion in First 6 Months of 2020


On Tuesday the UN said that the COVID-19 brought crisis has cost the global tourism sector $460 billion in lost revenue during the initial 6 months of 2020, which are from January to June. There had been a decline in the profits as the number of people traveling to the various destinations dropped significantly.

The revenues that have been lost during the six months total to be nearly 5 times the loss in the international tourism receipts that were recorded in 2009 amid the global economic and financial crisis, as stated by the Madrid-based World Tourism Organization.

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The foreign tourist arrivals dropped by 440 million during the aforementioned span (or 65 percent). It further added that Asia is the first region to experience the impact of the virus strongly as it witnessed the steepest decline.

The Tourism Organization also mentioned that this indicates an unmatched decline, as nations across the world closed their borders and imposed travel restrictions in response to the epidemic.

Previously, the Airbnb CEO had said that the tourism industry is never going to be the same again after the crisis that the virus has caused. He indicated that the famous tourist sites would now be getting lesser attention.

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