Clicks Of Bilal Qureshi And Uroosa Bilal Celebrating Eid-ul-Adha

Uroosa Bilal and Bilal Qureshi is yet another couple that keeps impressing their fans with their chemistry.

Uroosa Bilal and Bilal Qureshi keeps giving their fans an insight of their personal life. Their insta feed is filled with the adorable family pictures.

Uroosa Bilal and Bilal Qureshi have an adorable son together. This Eid-ul-Adha the celebrity couple shared their pictures as well. Bilal Qureshi and his son were twinning in burgundy colored Kurta and white Shalwar. Where as Uroosa Bilal looked gorgeous in bright red colored plain contemporary trouser shirt with printed red dupatta and timeless red khusaas. The pictures are captured by Tahir Figures.

Lets’ have a look at these adorable family pictures of Uroosa Bilal and Bilal Qureshi:

IMG 20200801 191739

IMG 20200801 191739

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