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Civic Center incident: Suspect admits to firing fatal shots


KARACHI: Shooter Hafeezul Hasan in his statement to police admitted firing shots in the Civic Center incident on Tuesday that left two people dead, ARY News reported.

According to the latest development to unfold in the double homicide case which transpired in the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) office today, the city police said that alleged shooter Hafeezul Hasan, an officer of KDA, has confessed to firing shots in the office.

The gunshots heard in the KDA office killed KDA Assistant Director Wasim Osmani and Additional Director Wasim Raza.

Hasan said he had been asking for work assignments for a long time but the officers would not give him any work. He said he was disappointed in his senior officers for failing to assign him work and that he came to the office to discuss the same matter.

Hasan said he brought the gun from home but didn’t intend to use it, however when the scuffle grew heated and both the directors tried to grab him he took out the gun.

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“The gun accidentally fired,” Hasan said adding that he didn’t know there would be so many shots fired.

The police have lodged the case on the complaint of deceased Waseem Osmani’s brother.

Earlier the sources revealed to ARY News the internal story in the firing incident that took place in Civic Center leaving two people dead and injuring one KDA officers.

The suspect in the double homicide, officer Hafeezul Hasan, who reportedly opened fire in the office today, has been maintaining the same post for 15 years now, KDA sources confirmed.

According to the sources, Hasan who feared an imminent  transfer after the appointment of new Land Director, decided to reach out to officers holding senior portfolios with a possible influence over new director to shelve his transfer file.

He had thus called on Additional Director Waseem Raza and Assitant Director Waseem Usmani — both shot dead in the incident today allegedly by Hasan–  and initiated the talks to defer his impending transfer.



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