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The Bitcoin news category covers news related to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) and its blockchain. You will see a compiled section of news solely dedicated to all things Bitcoin. Stay on track with the latest developments on Bitcoin. This includes updates in BTC price changes, Bitcoin market capitalization updates, breaking news on Bitcoin, and more.

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44 Countries As Invitees To El Salvador’s BTC Meet

Bitcoin News El Salvador is the first country to adopt BTC as a legal tender. Bitcoin laid out the map of ‘Bitcoin City’ on...

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Loses Bullish Momentum, Falls Under $30K

The price may begin a new negative wave if it falls below $28,000. If BTC breaks through the $30K level, a new upward trend may...

11,835 Bitcoin (BTC) Worth 348,155,467 USD Transferred to Unknown Wallet

Bitcoin is up 1.35% in the last 24 hours.The transaction happened at 19:47:22 UTC on May 14, 2022. After two days of stagnation, the BTC...

Bitcoin Network More Secure as Mining Difficulty Records ATH of 31.251 Trillion

12 seconds ago | 2 mins read Bitcoin News BTC miners are responsible for verifying the authenticity of transactions.BTC remains the most durable...

Panic Selling of BTC Has Come to a Halt

8 seconds ago | 2 mins read Bitcoin News The falling face is an appropriate opportunity to convert Altcoins to Blue-chip coins.The selling...

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Consolidates After Brief Rebound

31 seconds ago | 2 mins read Bitcoin News Since the 9th of May, BTC exchange outflows have been at a high level.There...

R. Kiyosaki is Holding Up for BTC to Attain $20K Low

15 seconds ago | 2 mins read Bitcoin News Kiyosaki expects BTC to hit a bottom as low as $17K to $11K.Kiyosaki believes...

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Avoids Major Drops as Bulls Help Rebound

24 seconds ago | 2 mins read Bitcoin News Several positive variables currently point to an increase in the cryptocurrency’s value.The S&P 500...

Facebook Ex Crypto Head Launched a Bitcoin Payments Startup

Meta concentrates on implementing non-fungible (NFT) tokens into its platforms.Diem was sold to Silvergate Bank for $200 million. Lightspark will provide backend services for businesses. David...

South Korea Will Implement Crypto Into Its Institutional Systems by 2024

Bitcoin News The South Korean government plans to legalize non fungible-tokens (NFTs).The government would slap a 20% tax on crypto earnings The legislation proposal...