Cat saves life of elderly man   

In a rare incident, a cat, Koko, won police’s plaudits for leading to rescue of an elderly man stuck in irrigation canal in Japan’s Toyama city.

According to the details, a woman, 77, was taking morning walk when she found her neighbor’s cat staring into the canal and acting strangely.

As the woman reached closer to the canal, she shocked to see a man lying on his back unconscious in the canal. She called for help from her 48-year-old daughter who lives nearby. Meanwhile, the man’s, Tomoko Nitta, two sons have also reached there.

The managed to pull out Nitta from the canal and shifted him to the hospital. The doctors discharged the elderly man after giving him first aid treatment, the Japan times reported

Toyama Minami police station honoured the five people with certificates of commendation while Koko got some cat food.



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