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British Airways Announced Direct Flight Operations From Lahore


British Airways has announced that direct flights from London to Lahore will resume shortly, these flights will operate 4 days a week at Lahore Airport. Permission was also sought from the Civil Aviation Authority regarding the landing procedures. British Airways will start its air operations for Lahore as well after starting operations for Islamabad about a month ago.

According to the details received in this regard, a team of British Airways experts is currently on a visit to Pakistan where they visited Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore. During the visit, the Lahore Airport Manager briefed the British delegation. The CAA Director of Security also briefed the British Airways team on security arrangements at the airport.

In addition, the British Airways team thoroughly inspected the routes to and from the airport and the hotels. The ASF also briefed the British Airways team on the security system installed at the airport. Media sources say that the British company British Airways is going to start its air operation in Pakistan for Lahore after Islamabad.

It may be recalled that in January this year, in January 2020, the British High Commissioner had written a letter to the Secretary Aviation saying that British Airways would start its air operations from Islamabad from June this year. Later on June 2, the British airline British Airways flew to Pakistan 11 years later, when the plane left London for Islamabad at 9.30 pm. Today, British Airways has announced that there will be direct flights from London to Lahore.

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