Brave Crypto Browser Latest Version Integrates Solana Blockchain
  • Trading SOL & SPL using Brave wallet in the browser without intermediaries.
  •  BAT can now be used on the Solana blockchain, Ethereum, and EVM.

The Brave privacy web browser that claims to be secure and 3x faster than any other contemporary browser has added Solana access, now their 50 million+ users can trade in Brave itself without redirecting to other crypto exchanges such as Coinbase.

Brave released their 1.39 desktop version on May 24, which will act as a stepping stone for the web3 browser. The users can buy, sell and hold SOL & SPL in the Brave wallet. Basic Attention Token (BAT) can be utilized on Solana wrap chain, Ethereum and EVM. Also, an amateur can make crypto trade using fiat directly on the Ramp network.

BAT is a crypto token provided in the Brave reward ecosystem. The browser hides ads, and viewers who opt to see them are rewarded with BAT, which can be stored in Brave wallet as any other virtual asset. The current price of BAT, according to CMC, is $0.3858.

Brave Roadmap

Further plans for the Brave browser include the functionality of BAT in the NFT marketplace; they have announced a partnership with Magic Eden, which holds the pioneer in terms of daily volume, Solana NFT marketplace. The Dapps of Solana will also be accessible on the desktop along with brave wallet compatibility. 

Sidney Zhang, CTO, and Founder of Magic Eden states:

“Magic Eden and Brave users are two of the most active and vibrant crypto communities in the world today. By enabling them to trade NFTs on Magic Eden with BAT, we are able to unlock a new token utility for Brave’s crypto-native audience in Solana NFTs. The integration of a Solana dApp-enabled like Brave Wallet in our marketplace will further drive the ecosystem forward”


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