Ban on toy weapons demanded by private schools

LAHORE: All Pakistan Private School Federation (APPSF) has demanded the government to impose a ban on the sale of toy guns for children, ARY News reported on Friday.

The president of the All Pakistan Private School Federation (APPSF), Kashif Mirza has demanded the government completely ban the artificial weapons in the country besides taking strict action against their sale.

Mirza said that children are being motivated for criminal activities through toy guns. He warned that psychological effects are being witnessed among children who used to play with artificial weapons.

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The APPSF president blamed the increasing trend of playing with artificial weapons among children is also increasing the rate of violence. Kashif Mirza demanded higher authorities immediately impose a ban on artificial weapons and legislation to eliminate it.

Earlier in 2017, a ban on toy guns was imposed at the request of the then Karachi commissioner who wrote to the Sindh home department asking it to ban toy guns as these were being used by street criminals and had a bad impact on children’s minds.

Following the ban, Karachi police had launched a series of crackdowns on the sale of toy guns in the metropolis and seized thousands of artificial weapons besides arresting many shopkeepers and traders of replicas of weapons.

Sindh Assembly had also passed a resolution banning the manufacturing and sale of artificial weapons back in 2015.


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