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Balochistan decides to Plant 0.4 million Olive Trees this year


In order to fight out the water scarcity, Balochistan plans on planting 400k olive trees this year. This is going to promote low-water consuming farming in the province.

As per some sources, 221, 000 olive trees will be planted by the BARI (Balochistan Agriculture Research Institute) and the remaining seedlings will be planted by the Balochistan Agriculture Research and Development Center under its forthcoming low water consuming project.

Juma Khan Tareen Director General (DG) BARI said that Olive trees will be an alternative crop for the farmers which will help in bringing fortune in the backward areas.

He further told that the seedlings of the olive trees are being imported from Spain which is going to be provided to all farmers in the province free of cost for their economic development.

DG Tareen said they are also trying to produce the seeds of olive trees in their own nurseries. Olive plants have been planted in many cities of Balochistan for extracting olive oil.

According to him, BARI has started training the landowners and farmers regarding modern farming methods. Moreover, the DG added that the olive trees will be planted on 4,000 acres so that the climate change issues can be resisted. Also, this initiative is going to introduce a source of income for poor farmers.

BARI aims to make the barren land cultivable so that the agriculture sector and livestock can be promoted in Balochistan. This new venture is going to produce revenue in the province also it will cultivate a large area of barren land.

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