Assistant Commissioners directed to ensure smooth supply of `Dexamethasone’

Assistant Commissioners directed to ensure smooth supply of `Dexamethasone'

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 17th Jun, 2020 ) :District Magistrate Islamabad on Wednesday directed all Assistant Commissioners to make inspection and conduct audit of the pharmacies in their areas of jurisdiction and ensure uninterrupted supply of the medicine `Dexamethasone’ and its sale to the consumers with valid prescriptions.

According to a notification issued by District Magistrate here, the district administration had taken serious notice off reported shortage of the medicine, Tab Dexamethasone (all strengths) in some pharmacies. It has been directed that all pharmacies shall ensure the uninterrupted supply and availability of the medicine at the prevalent rates.

The medicine shall be sold only to consumers with valid prescription having stamp and signature of a registered medical practitioners having PMDC registration number on it. Moreover, for every sale, the pharmacies/retailers shall keep a copy of prescription and ensure entry into the sale register for purposes of record and audit by the Assistant Commissioners.

Sale of above mentioned medicine at the inflated or exorbitant rates or sale in the bulk or its artificial shortage by hoarding shall be cognizable under profiteering and hoarding Act, 1977, the Drug Act, 1976 and the Schedule-II of the DRAP Act, 2012.

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