Armeena Rana Khan Proposed A Drama Sugesstion


In Pakistan Ertugrul is the talk of town now a days. A new debate has started since PTV started airing the series; that whether our national TV should broadcast content from another country or not. Many actors came with some points that why Turkish content shouldn’t be aired on our national TV. They also raised a point that we should air our own content and support our own media Industry. Whereas some other people from the industry came forward with a stance that it is ok to broadcast good and quality content, it doesn’t matter to which it belongs.

Our public is even bashing people against the broadcasting of Ertugrul and they are asking them to make worthy dramas and movies so that we don’t have to look towards other countries for quality entertainment.

Under such circumstances Armeena Rana Khan came forward with a drama suggestion.

Armeena Khans Husband Gave Savage Response To Troll 8

Armeena Khans Husband Gave Savage Response To Troll 8

Armeena wrote: “You want to watch good Pakistani content? Watch “Alif” and encourage all that you think reflects your own culture. Responsibility lies on both sides (audience and content makers) supply and demand. Thank you, have a nice day.

Alif is was the blockbuster drama from the previous term starring Sajal Aly and HamzaAli Abbasi in lead roles. the drama threw light over the beautiful relationship of Allah swt and human.


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