Aima Baig reacts to Amanat Ali’s advice

Singer Aima Baig reacted to Amanat Ali’s statement about her being one of the most ‘arrogant’ artists of recent times.

For those unversed, singer Amanat Ali, during a recent outing at a chat show named Farhan Saeed, and Aima Baig as the most arrogant artists.

In his response to list the fellows from the music industry who has ‘tantrums’, Ali initially without giving out a name, mentioned that artists these days have become ‘arrogant’ to show off their ‘popularity’. “We have had huge names in Pakistan who always stayed down to earth,” stated the ‘Mere Humsafar’ singer.

Furthermore, naming Aima Baig as one, Ali replied, “Though I’ve not experienced it personally and everyone has been very cordial and respectful towards me, I have heard about her having tantrums.”

“I would suggest to her that if you want to stay long in the industry you should be humble and down to earth,” he further advised the ‘Do Bol’ singer.

Reacting to the statement, Baig published a text story on the photo and video sharing application. “When you dont wanna do a duet with someone. You just dont,” her statement read. “Simple is that. Also, people I have never even met sharing some unsolicited advice is the most bizarre thing.”

“This person advising me should focus on making some good music to get some attention, rather than taking names which they think can make things better for them,” she wrote further.

“I’m one super straight forward kinda person. I can be more.. If only I was allowed.”

Among the male artists, Ali mentioned that Farhan Saeed has tantrums, which he added to had witnessed himself. It is pertinent to mention that Ali has lent his vocals to the superhit OST of Saeed’s latest play ‘Mere Humsafar’ while he is yet to collab with Baig for a project.


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