African Leadership Institute (ALI): Online Courses, Certification, Fees

Some people do not feel safe taking online courses because it is either too expensive or the certificate they gain lacks global recognition. If you reside in Africa, the African Leadership Institute (ALI) provides both free courses and certificate courses that are industry-recognized. Discover and take the best courses for your career development from ALI.

African Leadership Institute is one of the fastest-growing MOOCs in Africa. This indigenous online learning platform provides you universal access to the world’s best education. They do this by partnering with universities, organizations, and professionals to offer courses that people from every discipline and level of education can take.

You may want to know how the African Leadership Institute (ALI) differ from other online learning platform out there. So, in this post, we’ll show you why ALI is one of the trusted eLearning platforms out there, the feature of their online courses, their fees, and even scholarship opportunities available to assist you complete your course with ease.

About the African Leadership Institute

African Leadership Institute began operating in 2019 with the motive of increasing the success rate of businesses in Africa. ALI has a mission of developing a new breed of global business leaders who are educated to global standards and can create jobs, increase incomes, and reduce poverty.

Hence, ALI develops leaders who strive to have a deep, positive, and lasting impact on people, companies, and society through professional excellence, integrity, and spirit of service. ALI has the capacity to train generations of business leaders through the production of path-breaking ideas with lasting impact on markets and the global business community, .

Individuals who have passed through the African Leadership Institute become leaders and builders of enterprises who create value for their stakeholders and society at large. While ALI began with the mission of building leaders, it has also equally committed to developing new scholars and teachers. ALI also creates and disseminates pathbreaking knowledge, concepts, and tools which advance the understanding and practice of management.

Features of the African Leadership Institute Courses

The African Leadership Institute courses stand out in that:

  • They are 100% online courses
  • They afford you the opportunity to learn something new
  • You can earn a Certificate after completing your course
  • They are specifically designed to meet your education needs

Additionally, professionals from top companies and organizations take every course on African Leadership Institute, allowing you to earn something new anytime and anywhere.

There are also surplus free courses on ALI. These courses give you access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, community discussion forums, as well as a shareable Course Certificate upon completion.

When you take paid courses and classes, you partake in additional quizzes and projects.

Get Certification from ALI

Most of the African Leadership Institute course gives you a certificate on completion. So, get yourself “job-ready” for an in-demand career with ALI courses. Whether you’re looking to start a new career or to change your current one, ALI Certificates can help you become job-ready.

With the ALI certificates, you can apply your new skills/ knowledge to hands-on projects that showcase your expertise to potential employers, unlock access to career support resources, and earn a career credential to kickstart your new career.

Why Should You Choose the African Leadership Institute?

When you decide to learn online, you want a learning platform that provides all of your educational needs. That is exactly what ALI provides. ALI has tailored its courses and classes to suit your career need, your academic requirements, and your timeframe.

In addition to this, at ALI, you’ll:

  • Study in a dynamic global standard online learning environment and redefine your cultural boundaries
  • Learn from professionals who consult with financial institutions as well as corporations and government agencies worldwide. You’ll also benefit from world-class research and advanced business thinking.
  • Take charge of your personal and professional development and access a wide range of practitioners on your Business and Leadership journey
  • Gain confidence and get to know your new study group via peer-to-peer learning
  • Experience innovative Tailored Core courses that cater to a specific area of interest or maintain a general management overview
  • Enjoy a dedicated commitment to academic excellence: ALI courses are robust and designed for maximum career impact.

What are the Learning Options Available on ALI?

Africa Leadership Institute prides itself as one of the MOOCs offering the cheapest valuable courses you can find anywhere. So, ALI Courses are generally free to a certain extent.

ALI’s course model offers the following learning options:

  • Individual Courses
  • Classes
  • Professional Certificate Program

Individual courses

The Individual courses are ALI’s bus of free courses. ALI database of free courses grows day-by-day as ALI frequently adds new courses. This African online learning platform delivers these Individual Courses through video lectures, reading material, peer-reviewed assignments, and group discussion forums. Since you can take many of these courses for free, all you need do is create an account, enroll, and jump immediately into the course.


Classes are basically a step up from individual courses. Rather than just dipping your toes in and taking a one-off course, you can join a class by taking multiple courses centered on the same topic (say, Digital Marketing which will cover content development, SEO, Ads creation, etc.). The ALI team has specifically designed and carefully tailored these classes for you. Some classes are free while some can cost as low as $5 – $20. This is a great option for people with specific career goals who need to demonstrate proficiency in a particular skill set. You might have to apply to join some classes while you can just pay to join others.

Professional Certificate Program

The professional certificate program on ALI is similar to earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree on campus. The credentials are fully legitimate. Various accredited institutions which ALI partners with grants these certificate programs.

When it comes to the Professional Certificate Program, you can’t simply pay the money and enroll immediately. You’ll need to apply and gain admission to the specific program.


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