AAX Continues Global Expansion Plans Despite Recent Market Breakdown

AAX Continues Global Expansion Plans Despite Recent Market Breakdown

AAX (aax.com) is hiring hundreds of people as part of its intention to double its workforce this year in order to support its worldwide development objectives. AAX plans to create new offices in other areas and hire more employees to increase its product offerings and expertise. In addition to AAX, the new branch, AAX Trends, continues employing educational programs, content, events and collaborations. Some of the biggest names in the digital asset industry are laying off workers.

Recently, the market mood has been clouded by uncertainty, and the crypto winter has not been kind to specific crypto talents. On the other hand, market cycles are nothing new in the world of finance, and they do not just affect the cryptocurrency market. Only when the market is at its top can a healthy industry benefit from its highs and lows; it must be prepared for the next “bull” and ready to take advantage of it.

According to a recent tweet reply from Ben Caselin, to see “exchanges laying people off during bear markets is very strange and reactive only. Bear markets are for building and for building, we need people.”

Bitcoin Adoption Surges Not Only When its Price Rises

There is a growing acceptance of Bitcoin and other digital assets worldwide, especially in developing countries, which is helping to build more inclusive economies as well as equitable and far-reaching financial applications. The term “financial inclusion” is not only a marketing gimmick. The promise must be fulfilled with genuine effort. As the first crypto exchange to adopt Satoshi Standard (SATS) and the lightning network, AAX is committed to creating a decentralized digital asset exchange for all customers.

Ben Caselin, Head of Research and Strategy at AAX, said:

“We believe that’s just the beginning in delivering on our mission. That’s why we are hiring even under these turbulent market conditions. The evolution of money is a long-term growth story and our talent recruitment strategy aligns with that fact. Our commitment to emerging markets is part of that same growth story.”

There is still a lot of room in the cryptocurrency industry for newcomers, and the company has said it intends to keep growing.

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