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9-year-old boy risks life to save family from fire in Oman


A nine-year-old boy in Oman risked his own life to save his physically disabled mother and younger siblings from a fire that broke out in their home.

Al Mutassim Al Shaksi was at his home in the Dakhiliyah Governorate when his sister’s screams alerted him to the blaze, which had broken out due to a short circuit, according to a report.

Without caring for his own life, he made sure his brothers and sister exited safely before going back inside to help his mother.

“I was watching TV with my younger brother, when I heard my sister screaming and saw fumes coming from one of our rooms,” Al Mutassim said.

“I first got my sister, who is just five years old, out of the house, as well as my brothers, who are seven years and one year old, before going back to help my mother.” “I got her out of the house by pulling her legs. Yes, they were heavy, but the fear of something happening to her made me do it.”

Lauding her son’s brave actions, quick thinking and selflessness, she said: “Al Mutassim acted courageously as soon as he saw the fire.”

“He pulled me out of the house by dragging me by my legs, and also rescued his three siblings. He had the presence of mind to rush to the neighbours and call for help. “By the grace of God, none of us suffered any injuries,” she added.

“Yes, our house has been destroyed, so we are currently at my mother’s home, but my family is fine, and that is what is more important.”

The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) conferred an award on him for his presence of mind and quick thinking.

“A Brigadier General of the Director General of Civil Defence and Ambulance honoured Al Mutasim bin Ahmed Al Shaksi for saving his family from fire at his home in the Wilayat of Bahla in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah. The brigadier praised his bravery, and stressed the need for community awareness in avoiding such accidents,” a statement issued by authority read.



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