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5-year-old boy dies in tragic accident at wedding reception


A five-year-old boy in the United States (US) died after a granite tabletop fell on him during a wedding reception.

The boy, identified as Luca Berlingerio, died from a serious head injury sustained when a granite tabletop fell onto him at a Chicago hotel, according to Brook Police.

Surveillance footage revealed that the boy had been lying across a table with a granite top, which was positioned against the back of a sofa where other children at the party were playing.

A police official said, “As the children were getting up to leave the area, the victim began to slide off the table.” As Berlingerio tried to slide off the table, he grabbed its edge to stabilise himself. But as he descended, the stone tabletop fell on his head “causing significant injury”.

Paramedics conducted CPR on the boy before he was taken to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“Our team is heartbroken about this terrible accident,” the hotel said in a statement to local media. “We wish to share our condolences with the family and friends affected

“To respect their privacy, we aren’t able to share the specifics of the incident.”



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