18 doctors at Lahore’s General Hospital test positive for COVID-19


The Medical Superintendent (MS) of the General Hospital closed the orthopedic ward initially for three days as eighteen doctors of the ward at the General Hospital in the provincial capital Lahore were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

According to the details shared by the management of the Lahore General Hospital, after the doctors have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the head of the orthopedic ward has written a letter to the principal stating that the remain doctors of the ward have been quarantined, therefore the ward in the General Hospital Lahore should be closed for at least 10 days.

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The Medical Superintendent (MS) of the General Hospital Mahmood Tariq said that the orthopedic ward has been initially closed for three days and has been disinfected after the cases of the novel coronavirus among the staff increased.

According to the hospital sources, three doctors and two nurses of the Institute of Neuroscience have also tested positive for the novel coronavirus that took lives of the thousands of people around the world.


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