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1.7 Million Tons of Wheat Soon to Reach Pakistan


To overcome the recent shortage and the impact of the mafia, the government has ordered 1.7 million tons of wheat from abroad. The imported food product would be reached by January 2021.

In a recent webinar, Syed Fakhar Imam – Minister of National Food Security – informed that Pakistan is facing a shortage of wheat this year. Partly it’s because of the mafia who has been selling the locally grown product for higher prices.

It’s to recall here that this year, specifically, has witnessed so much crisis regarding this food product. Wheat, which is one of the top products grown in Pakistan, has seen a shortage. And for this, the mafia took advantage and started selling it for higher prices.

After a lot of discussions, the government decided to import wheat for less price and break this mafia monopoly.

In the webinar, the minister said that the government has also placed an order of 1.7 million tons of this food item. While the private sector has already started this practice.

The food minister also added that the government is in full support of wheat growers and require their support to improve the local production.

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